Use social media to learn how to track animals

How to Get Started

How do you become a tracker? Practice, dirt time. Social media is a great place to get started testing your tracking knowledge. People post photos and videos of tracks and animal sign to social media sites asking for help IDing the images. 


Track & Sign Photos

Learning how to track in the wild can be challenging. If you want to learn how to track, social media can be a great starting point. People post images of animal tracks and sign asking for help identifying them. Two very good sites are listed below. Both these groups have a wide range of experienced members, aspiring trackers are welcome, but you are responsible for your own fact checking.

      Remember to be kind, control your ego. It's not about being right or wrong, the process is more important than the answer. 

      The sites above work very well with the Silva flashcards, and can help you take years off your dirt time. 

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